What's this then ?


monitorApp is an application which displays useful information about your computer. The screenshot should give you a good idea of what to expect.

The key points to note are that its transparent, you can pick which items to display and you can change the colours. There's a right-click menu to control everything which should be self-explanatory, so all you really need to do is download it and fire it up.

Sep 2015 update

Font weight is now correctly saved and restored.

Jul 2015 update

monitorApp now recognises Windows 10, and a couple of usability improvements have crept in.

The font chooser has an update button (more important than it sounds) and the menu layout has been improved.

Oct 2013 update

monitorApp now recognises Windows 8.1

Dec 2012 update

The app now supports 64bit Windows and Windows 8, plus it's had a couple of bug fixes.

Is that it?

Not quite - there are a few things you need to know:

  • You can move the monitorApp display around by left-clicking on it and dragging it.
  • Click through is enabled so your best bet is to click on one of the bar-graph areas when moving the display or accessing the menu. If the graphs are disabled a small block is added to the display so there's something to click on.
  • The locked menu option prevents you from moving monitorApp.
  • monitorApp configuration is saved in an ini file. You can open this file by holding down the CTRL key while bringing up the menu. An Ini File... entry will then appear on the Options submenu.
  • You can change the separator used by menuApp (the display character between the description and the value). When you first run monitorApp the separator is an "=". This appears in the ini file in the Options section. To change it simply open the ini file, replace the separator with your chosen value (up to 8 characters long) and stop and restart monitorApp.
  • monitorApp uses a hotkey to allow you to cycle through the position options. The hotkey sequence is set to CTRL,ALT,L but you can change this in the ini file if it clashes with an existing hotkey or you prefer a different sequence.
  • Double clicking on the graphs will (sometimes) launch related applications. Try the disk and CPU graphs.

Cleartype Problem

Previous versions of monitorApp didn't work too well with the Cleartype feature in Windows XP.

This is fixed in version 1.02.

Hooray !


Everything is driven from the one menu, so we're hoping additional help is unnecessary.

I want it now

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