desktopApps is home to a small collection of Windows applications which we have written or adapted ourselves, and which are now available for download, free of charge.

We use (and tinker with) these applications regularly and find them both useful and (touch wood) stable. We hope you enjoy using them too.

What's on offer?

  • menuApp- a menu based application launcher.
  • audioApp- for all your one-click muting needs.
  • monitorApp- a small system resource monitor.
  • imageApp- a digital image viewer.

Update - 14 September 2015

Updates to menuApp

The shortcut feature in the editor now correctly picks up the file type filter.

Download the latest version here.

Updates to monitorApp

The font weight is now correctly saved and restored when the app is stopped and restarted.

Download the latest version here.

Update - 13 July 2015

Updates to menuApp

A couple of minor fixes this time.

Deleting items from a menu caused the app to crash - that should be OK now.

Also, you can now use upper or lower case letters when setting up hotkeys in the config editor - previously only upper case letters worked.

Download the latest version here.

Update - 10 July 2015

Updates to monitorApp

monitorApp now recognises Windows 10, and a couple of usability improvements have crept in.

The font chooser has an update button (more important than it sounds) and the menu layout has been improved.

Nothing major, but overall it makes the app a lot easier to set up.

Download the latest version here.

Update - 12 May 2015

Merged Folders in menuApp

There was some provision in the app to support merged folders but it didn't work very well.

We've fixed that and added an explanation on the help page.

We've also improved the shortcut generation feature in the editor.

Download the latest version here.

Update - 12 August 2014

64bit MonitorApp refresh issue

The 64bit version of MonitorApp didn't refresh once launched (although the 32bit version was fine).

We've fixed that and also corrected an error with the configuration file name.

Download version 9 here.

Update - 18 July 2014

Positioning Issues - 2

If you have a menu which extends off the bottom or the right of the screen its position should be shifted so that when the menu is drawn its all on the screen.

That functionality was broken in the last couple of releases but is fixed in version 30.

Download this latest version here.

Update - 9 July 2014

Positioning Issues

A couple of users have had issues with menuApp version 28, where menus launched from shortcuts were not appearing in the right place.

We've fixed this in version 29. Everything else is unchanged.

Download the latest version here.

Update - 2 July 2014

!! "Back from the dead" menuApp update !!

After quite a long period of silence we've dusted off our keyboards, sharpened our venerable coding tools and are now pleased to deliver a new menuApp release.

We noticed that connecting a second screen to a PC running menuApp didn't always work too well - the app expected all screens to be the same size which isn't always the case (e.g. when hooking up a TV via HDMI). This is now fixed and menuApp handles new screens and screen resolution changes correctly, without needing a recycle.

Also, if you have messages enabled (you get a message box when you recycle, turn hotkeys on and off, etc) we've made the messages auto-close where no action is required other than to close them.

Finally (as always) there are some bug fixes and improvements to the app and to the config editor.

Download the latest version here.

Update - 26 October 2013

A small monitorApp update - it now recognises Windows 8.1.

Update - 15 October 2013

audioApp now works on Windows 8. Pick up the latest version from the audioApp page.

Also, there are startup issues with the new menuApp, running on Windows XP.

We're working on it....

Update - 5 October 2013

!! Major menuApp update !!

Although menuApp is a pretty good application and people seem to like it, there has always been a problem, an elephant in the room - it's a real pain to configure.

This is not made any easier by the help page, which contains all the info you need to get menuApp working, but not necessarily in the most logical order. In fact when we looked at the help page to check a bit of obscure config even we were confused!

So, with this in mind we've been toiling away at desktopApps HQ and can now reveal the solution to this long standing problem!

menuApp has a config editor!

This is a standalone application which allows you to configure hotkeys, desktop and tray clicks and shortcuts using a clean and simple interface. It's easy to use and makes the business of configuring menuApp a whole lot easier.

A couple of points to bear in mind; any existing menus you have set up won't be carried across when you start using the editor - they will have to be set up from scratch. But don't worry - using the new editor it won't take you long to recreate them.

Also, one feature hasn't made it across - specifying menu location by coordinates is not supported. Depending on the level of outcry at this loss we may re-instate it at a leter date.

Finally, if for some reason you want to continue using the current ini file config you can. menuApp itself will continue to support this.

To give the new config editor a try, download from the usual location and check out the new help page here.

Update - 7 March 2013

We noticed that when menuApp was recycled the Preload menus weren't processed. This has been fixed.

Also, one of our users asked how to launch menuApp from the system tray.

The answer was that menuApp doesn't let you do that but then we realised it was a pretty good idea so now it's a supported feature. In the usual menuApp style, you can use the CTRL, SHIFT and ALT keys to modify what gets launched from the tray icon.

Full details are in the Hotkeys section of the menuApp help page.

Download the latest version here.

Update - 3 December 2012

Proper support for 64bit Windows is finally sorted out in the latest version of menuApp.

That means system folders like the Control Panel will now be fully populated if you are on a 64bit machine.

There are various other bug fixes included.

Plus menuApp plays nicely with Windows 8!

Download from the menuApp page.

These's also a new version of monitorApp, which adds 64bit Windows and Windows 8 compatibility and fixes a small configuration problem.

Update - 26 March 2012

After a lot of head-scratching we finally figured it out!

menuApp now picks up theme settings and sets the menu font to match!

It also handles Windows Classic mode in Win 7.

...and that annoying recycle crash on 32bit systems has been fixed.

Download from the menuApp page.

Update - 05 February 2012

We're on a bit of a roll now!

After playing around with the desktop double click feature we decided to extend it so that clicking on different areas of the desktop will launch a different menu or application.

This works by splitting the desktop into a 3x3 grid, with each square able to be separately configured.

Full details are on the menuApp help section.

Update - 08 January 2012

So, following a very long hiatus, after which you might have thought we'd packed our bags and gone home, here's another update!

This includes the much requested 64 bit version, a revision of the configuration options plus various bug fixes and improvements to stability.

The configuration change means instead of using ini file sections to set display parameters these parameters are now passed to each individual menu. As always, the details are in the menuApp help section.

Update - 21 July 2010

menuaApp has been updated to allow you to launch a menu by double clicking on the desktop.

We've had this feature in the back of our minds for ages and finally got round to doing something about it.

In practice it's even more useful than we thought it would be.

Details of how to set it up are at the end of the menuApp help section covering hotkeys.

Update - 14 July 2010!

Several people have let us know that monitorApp isn't working because of a missing dll.

We've added the dll to the zip file so if you've hit the problem you just need to download again.

News - Summer 2010

We've had a bit of a refresh on the site and uploaded new versions of all the apps.

They are all Vista / Windows 7 compatible and most of them have some new features.

menuApp now supports Vista / Windows 7 style menus. It has also been steadily updated with minor fixes which users have highlighted. If you've dropped us a mail over the years your suggested improvement may well be in there.

monitorApp now recognises Vista and Windows 7 and correctly differentiates bewteen workgroups and domains.

imageApp now supports all formats recognised by the underlying CxImage library and has some minor usability improvements.

There are many other changes but we've forgoten exactly what they are so you'll have to download the apps and find out for yourselves.

As ever, if you have any suggestions or comments, please drop us a line.

What systems are supported?

The apps are developed and tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 and might work on Vista (although we've never actually owned a copy of Vista so we're guessing really).

Other versions of Windows may work, but no promises.

How do we contact you?

Drop us a line:

Please bear in mind that we all have day jobs so, depending on the volume of mail and the impact of Real Life, it could take a while to get back to you.