What's this then ?

Quicklaunch bar

Simplicity itself.

It's an application which alternately mutes and un-mutes your system sound each time it's run. If you link to it in your Quicklaunch bar (its the speaker icon in the screenshot below) you can silence your machine with a single click.

It should work with all Windows versions from XP to 8.

Is that it?

More or less.

You can run it with one of the following parameters:

  • mute - mute the sound.
  • unmute - un-mute the sound.
  • volup - increase the volume.
  • voldn - decrease the volume.

But we put those in just for fun really.


Seriously, that's all there is to it.

I want it now

Download the latest version (in zip format):    

Installation details are included.

audioApp zip file